Matoma - Lonely (feat. MAX) [Official Video]


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Matoma - Lonely (feat. MAX) Stream/DL: Hey Guys! Time for some more new music! Im very proud to present my new single "Lonely" with the amazing MAX... In all the stories I wanted to share in my "One In A Million" album there are vibes that are uplifting and inspirational but also real. I get my energy touring all the time from the amazing fans I meet and this album is for you guys, but I also have low points like anyone else, from the industry politics, fake people or whatever that is bad and negative energy and the lyrics in the song "Lonely" is for them. I also think when people hear this song they will in some way connect to a story in there own meaning because every life has ups and downs, but its always important to take the negativity and make it to something positive. Ive done that with "Lonely"!!! - Tom Directed by Aella Jordan-Edge Produced by Molly McGregor Choreography - Jamie Neale Dancers - Mikey Boats & Claudia Maybury Cinematography - Stefan Yap Follow Matoma: Follow MAX Follow Big Beat

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